Turb 430T by Global Water

You are viewing details for the Turb 430T by Global Water, a water quality sensor that has the capacity to be used to measure Turbidity.

Supply Voltage: 6
Min. Temperature: 0
Max. Temperature: 50

With the new portable turbidity meters Turb 430 T and Turb 430 IR, the user now has the choice to perform nephelometric measurements at 90? scattered light according to the application and standard required.? The Turb 430 IR portable turbidity meter meets the DIN 27027/ISO7027 requirements, the Turb 430 T those of US EPA 180.1.? The portable turbidity meter's measuring range is from 0 to 1100 NTU/FNU and is identified automatically.? Accurate measurements by the portable turbidity meters in the lower range, e.g. in drinking water are no problem!

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