U-10 by Global Water

You are viewing details for the U-10 by Global Water, a water quality sensor that has the capacity to be used to measure pH.

Supply Voltage: 9
Min. Temperature: 0
Max. Temperature: 50

The U-10 multiparameter water quality meter brings laboratory accuracy and the ease of push-button operation to water quality measurement in the field.? Six parameters can be measured : pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrolytic conductivity, turbidity, and, salinity.? Featuring a powerful sensor and state-of-the-art functions, the multiparameter water quality meter makes it easy to get highly reliable water quality data simply and quickly just by submersing the sensor in the water.? The multiparemeter water quality meter is flexible enough to use for checking the quality of a broad range of water samples, from factory effluent to urban drainage, river water, lake and marsh water, aquatic culture tanks, agricultral water supplies, and sea water.? The main unit is water resistant, so it can be used safely even in the rain.

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