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Supplier: Strongwell
Address: 400 Commonwealth Ave., P.O. Box 580, Bristol, VA, 24203
Phone: 276-645-8000
Fax: 276-645-8132
Services: Manufacturer, Service Company
Founded: 1980

Strongwell are based in VA but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico.

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of precast polymer concrete, molded fiberglass, & pultruded fiberglass products. Precast concrete polymer products include utility enclosures, vaults, covers, equipment pads, drain system, & industrial flooring. Molded products include grating & stair tread covers. Pultruded products include structural shapes & plates, grating, structural fabrication, custom shapes, foam core building panels, handrail & ladder system, gritted plate, studs, & nuts. Cooling tower components, power poles, composite driveshafts, tool handles, pultrusion machinery, bridge girders, & decks available. Industries served include oil & gas, defense, chemical, construction, communication, agricultural, appliance, paper, & electrical.