Unaflex Inc

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Supplier: Unaflex Inc
Address: 3901 N.E. 12th Ave., Pompano Beach, FL, 33064
Phone: 954-943-5002, 800-739-7999 (toll free)
Fax: 954-941-7968
Services: Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Founded: 1935

Unaflex Inc are based in FL but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Canada, Mexico.

Manufacturers Of Metal & Rubber Expansion/Vibration Joints And Connectors. Spool-Type, Lightweight And "U" Types, FEP Lined, Solid Teflon?, Flue Ducts, Sound Absorbers, Bellows-Type And Expansion Compensators. Exhaust Hose And Dredge Sleeves, Metal Pump Connectors, Corrugated Metal Hose And Assemblies, Interlocked Flexible Metal Tubing. Full Line Of Custom-Made Rubber Hose. ISO 9001:2000