Lakeland Plastics Inc

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Supplier: Lakeland Plastics Inc
Address: 1550 McCormick Blvd., Mundelein, IL, 60060
Phone: 866-867-7965 (toll free)
Fax: 847-680-1595
Services: Manufacturer, Service Company
Founded: 1962

Lakeland Plastics Inc are based in IL but will deal with the following markets: Europe.

Extruders Of Most Thermoplastic Materials In Custom Shapes, Dual &Triple Material Shapes, Tubing & Extrusion Coating Of Various Chain & Tubing. In Line & Off Line Fabbrication, Drilling, Notching, Punching, Adhesive Tape Application & Special Packaging. In House Tooling, CAD & EDM. Experienced In P.O.P. Work. Profiles To 18" In Width, Tubes To 4-1/2" O.D.