Keats Manufacturing Co

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Supplier: Keats Manufacturing Co
Address: 350 Holbrook Dr., P.O. Box 526, Wheeling, IL, 60090
Phone: 847-520-1133, 800-KEATS-MFG
Fax: 847-520-7331
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1976

Keats Manufacturing Co are based in IL but will deal with the following markets: Latin America/Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim, Australia, China.

Custom Manufacturer Of An Extensive Range Of Metal Parts For Industries Ranging From Automotive To Small Appliance To Fishing. Stamping & Forming Of Intricate Metal Parts & Wire Forms From Minute Components In Hearing Aids To Large Metal Clamps. Employees Are Trained In Statistical Process Control, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing To Assure Accuracy. Facilities House Over 84 Fourslide, Multislide, Radial & CNC Machines. QS 9000 & ISO 9002 Certifications