GSP Div of ThyssenKrupp

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Supplier: GSP Div of ThyssenKrupp
Address: 2000 Heatherton Rd., Dacula, GA, 30019
Phone: 888-364-4500 (toll free)
Fax: 770-638-1977
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1951

GSP Div of ThyssenKrupp are based in GA but will deal with the following markets: Canada, Mexico.

Designer & manufacturer of engineered steel profiles for applications including material handling equipment, aerospace components, automobiles & trucks, architectural elements, farm machinery, bridges, rail cars & rail construction, power generation, mining equipment, pumps & valves, elevators & escalators, water & waste facilities, industrial furnaces, containers & industrial machinery. Hot rolled, hot extruded & cold drawn solid & hollow shapes with diameter up to 9.6 in. Special profiles in carbon, alloy, stainless & specialty steels also available.