Magnatex Pumps Inc

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Supplier: Magnatex Pumps Inc
Address: 3575 W. 12th St., Houston, TX, 77008
Phone: 713-972-8666, 866-624-7867 (toll free)
Fax: 713-972-8665
Services: Manufacturer, Service Company
Founded: 1986

Magnatex Pumps Inc are based in TX but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Asia.

Manufacturer of magnet drive metallic & fluoropolymer lined centrifugal & regenerative turbine pumps & pump parts as per ANSI specifications for low & high-temperature liquids, recovery solvents, heat transfer fluids, toxic & noxious fluids. Applications include chemical process, petrochemical, refinery, pharmaceutical, textile, food & beverage, power generation, semiconductor & general industries. Services include pump repair, preventive maintenance programs & start up engineering assistance. Delivers a full range of support services to ensure long pump life and maximum application performance. Pumps feature a compact design.