Hartell Milton Roy

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Supplier: Hartell Milton Roy
Address: 201 Ivyland Rd., Ivyland, PA, 18974
Phone: 215-322-0730, 888-773-7898 (toll free)
Fax: 215-322-2944
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1905

Hartell Milton Roy are based in PA but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico.

Supplier To OEM, Wholesaler & Pumping HVACR. Pumps: Manufacturers & Custom Designers Of Fractional Horsepower Centrifugal. O.E.M., Suppliers To Ice Machine, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Carbonated Beverage, Dispensing, Plating, Water Quality Control & Plumbing Industries. Pump Types Include: Upright, Inline, In Pan, Automatic Condensate, Hot Water Circulating, Steam Condensate, Magnetic Drive, Wastewater Removal. Suppliers Of Condensate, Wastewater Drain & Replacement Ice Machine Pumps To HVACR, Plumbing & Heating Wholesalers