Sunbelt Scaffolding and Supply

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Supplier: Sunbelt Scaffolding and Supply
Address: 2090 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, 32804
Phone: 407-244-5556, 800-299-8825 (toll free)
Fax: 407-244-5558
Services: Distributor
Founded: 1992

Sunbelt Scaffolding and Supply are based in FL but will deal with the following markets: Latin America/Caribbean, South America.

Distributor of scaffolding equipment & climbing equipment. Products include ladders, scaffolding frames, shoring frames, lift platforms, scaffolding hardware, step ladders, extension ladders, cross-over accessories, & scaffolding pump jack equipment. Additional products include fall protection equipment such as safety harnesses, roofers kits, lanyards, hoists, jobsite boxes, truck utility racks, truck storage equipment, & boom & personnel work platforms. Masonry equipment includes power trowels, rammers, plate impactors, concrete mixers, & drywall equipment. Some products meet OSHA requirements.