Assessment of irrigation water quality A proposal of a quality profile

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Journal: Environ Monit Assess 2007/09/18
Published: 2008
Authors: Almeida, C.;Quintar, S.;Gonzalez, P.;Mallea, M.
Address: Area de Quimica Analitica, Facultad de Quimica, Bioquimica y Farmacia, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Chacabuco y Pedernera, 5700 San Luis, Argentina.

Water quality indices provide a simple and understandable tool for managers on the quality and possible uses for irrigation water, however an individual quality factor alone is not enough to evaluate the irrigation water quality because it could be restrictive and sometime it could give an unfavorable qualification. The aim of this paper was propose a quality profile of irrigation water using the preexisting water quality indices to be applied to arid and semi-arid regions. As a case studied, the water of the Del Molle River (Nogoli, San Luis, Argentina) was researched. Samples were collected during the period October 2005-May 2006. Conductivity, pH, total hardness, sulphate, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, chloride, sodium, potassium, TDS, DO and phosphate were analyzed. The irrigation water quality, according to Riverside Norm, belongs to C(2)-S(1) class, according to Wilcox Norm as excellent to good, according to Scott quality factor it is good and according to SAR < 10 and according to RCS it is recommendable. From the obtained data, it can be concluded that the water quality profile was good, so it is useful for normal irrigation agriculture.

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