Water quality modelling of the river Yamuna (India) using QUAL2E-UNCAS

You are viewing information about the paper Water quality modelling of the river Yamuna (India) using QUAL2E-UNCAS.

Journal: J Environ Manage 2006/05/16
Published: 2007
Authors: Paliwal, R.;Sharma, P.;Kansal, A.
Address: School of Environmental Management, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi 110006, India. ritup@terischool.ac.in

This paper describes the utility of QUAL2E as a modelling package in the evaluation of a water quality improvement programme. In this study, QUAL2E was applied to determine the pollution loads in the river Yamuna during its course through the national capital territory of Delhi, India. The study aimed at examining the influence of different scenarios on river water quality. Four different pollution scenarios were analysed besides the 'business as usual' situation. The study revealed that it was necessary to treat the discharge from drains to the river Yamuna and diversion of a substantial load to the Agra canal for further treatment was also essential. It was also established through this study that maintaining a flow rate of more than 10 m(3)/s in the river could also help preserve the river's water quality. To clearly display the model outcomes and demarcate polluted zones in the river stretch, model results were interfaced with a Geographical Information System (GIS) to produce cartographic outputs. In addition, uncertainty analysis in the form of first-order error analysis and Monte Carlo analysis was performed, to realise the effect of each model parameter on DO and BOD predictions. The uncertainty analysis gave satisfactory results on simulated data.

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