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Application of multivariate statistical methods to water quality assessment of the watercourses in Northwestern New Territories, Hong Kong

Application of multivariate statistical techniques to evaluation of water quality in the Mala Welna River (Western Poland)

Application of QUAL2Kw for water quality modeling and dissolved oxygen control in the river Bagmati

Application of water quality indices and dissolved oxygen as indicators for river water classification and urban impact assessment

Assessing water quality of drinking water distribution system in the South Taiwan

Assessment of domestic water quality: case study, Beirut, Lebanon

Assessment of the water quality of Troia for the multipurpose usages

Biofilms coating Schoenoplectus californicus as indicators of water quality in the Rio de la Plata Estuary (Argentina)

Characterization of rain and roof drainage water quality in Xanthi, Greece

Deterioration of water quality of Surma river

Development of the microbial communities in Lake Donghu in relation to water quality

Does seston size structure reflect fish-mediated effects on water quality in a degraded semiarid wetland?

Evaluation of storage and filtration protocols for alpinesubalpine lake water quality samples

Evaluation of the water quality related to the acid mine drainage of an abandoned mercury mine (Alasehir, Turkey)

Fish scales as bio-indicator of water quality of River Ganga

Influence of mining activities in the North of Potosi, Bolivia on the water quality of the Chayanta River, and its consequences

Influence of urbanization and tourist activities on the water quality of the Potrero de los Funes River (San Luis - Argentina)

IWQ index: a GIS-integrated technique to assess irrigation water quality

Long-term trends and short-term variability of water quality in Skive Fjord, Denmark - nutrient load and mussels are the primary pressures and drivers that influence water quality

Monitoring water quality and quantity of national watersheds in Turkey

Monitoring, assessment and modelling using water quality data in the Saale River Basin, Germany

Physical and sanitary quality of hand-dug well water from oil-producing area of Nigeria

Sociological dimension in the handling habit and sanitary quality of hand-dug well water from oil-producing area of Nigeria

Surface water quality assessment by environmetric methods

The influence of dioxide chloride on water quality of Balneario Camboriu beach, Brazil

The orientation of water quality variation from the metropolis river-Huangpu River, Shanghai

Water quality assessment at Omerli Dam using remote sensing techniques

Water quality assessment of an untreated effluent impacted urban stream: the Bharalu tributary of the Brahmaputra River, India

Water quality assessment of Ogun river, South West Nigeria

Water quality changes in Chini Lake, Pahang, West Malaysia

Water quality monitoring using remote sensing in support of the EU water framework directive (WFD): a case study in the Gulf of Finland

Water quality of runoff from agricultural-forestry watersheds in the Geum River Basin, Korea

Water quality trend analysis for the Karoon River in Iran