Adaptive management and its role in managing Great Barrier Reef water quality

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Journal: Mar Pollut Bull 2005/03/11
Published: 2005
Authors: Bennett, J.;Lawrence, P.;Johnstone, R.;Shaw, R.
Address: CRC for Coastal Zone Estuary and Waterway Management, 80 Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068, Australia.

Adaptive management is the pathway to effective conservation, use and management of Australia's coastal catchments and waterways. While the concepts of adaptive management are not new, applications involving both assessment and management responses are indeed limited at the national and regional scales. This paper outlines the components of a systematic framework for linking scientific knowledge, existing tools, planning approaches and participatory processes to achieve healthy regional partnerships between community, industry, government agencies and science providers to overcome institutional barriers and uncoordinated monitoring. The framework developed by the Coastal CRC ( is hierarchical in the way it displays information to allow associated frameworks to be integrated, and represents a construct in which processes, information, decision tools and outcomes are brought together in a structured and transparent way for adaptive catchment and coastal management. This paper proposes how an adaptive management approach could be used to benefit the implementation of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (RWQPP).

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