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A long-term water quality management model for a lignite mining affected river catchment area

A new analytical tool to assess health risks associated with the virological quality of drinking water (EMIRA study)

A water quality index for contact recreation in New Zealand

Automatic buffer capacity model building for the purpose of water quality monitoring

Comparison of static and dynamic disinfection models for bacteria and viruses in water of varying quality

Determining ecologically acceptable nutrient loads to natural wetlands for water quality improvement

Development and evaluation of a mathematical model for the study of sediment-related water quality issues

Identifiability and uncertainty analysis of the river water quality model no 1 (RWQM1)

Integral water quality modelling of catchments

Multipurpose use and water quality challenges in Lac de Guiers (Senegal)

New methods for the detection of viruses: call for review of drinking water quality guidelines

Novel boomskirt systems for improvement of water quality in estuarial impoundments subject to saline influx

Nutrient reduction policies and management strategies of the Chesapeake Bay water quality restoration program

River water quality improvement by natural and constructed wetland systems in the tropical semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil

River Water Quality Model no 1 (RWQM1): case study I Compartmentalisation approach applied to oxygen balances in the River Lahn (Germany)

River Water Quality Model no 1 (RWQM1): case study II Oxygen and nitrogen conversion processes in the River Glatt (Switzerland)

River Water Quality Model no 1 (RWQM1): I Modelling approach

River Water Quality Model no 1 (RWQM1): II Biochemical process equations

River Water Quality Model no 1 (RWQM1): III Biochemical submodel selection

Self-monitoring of water quality in sewer systems using absorbance of ultraviolet and visible light

Setting microbiological water quality standards for sea bathing--a critical evaluation

Tirane, Albania: survey on drinking water quality and facilities

Using wetlands for water quality improvement in agricultural watersheds; the importance of a watershed scale approach

Wastewater disinfection by low-pressure UV and ozone: a design approach based on water quality

Water quality assessment for indirect potable reuse: a new methodology for controlling trace organic compounds at the West Basin Water Recycling Plant (California, USA)

Water quality characteristics of forest rivers around Lake Biwa

Water quality improvement of treated wastewater by intermittent soil percolation

Water quality management in the coastal city in the period of considerable water consumption decrease

Water quality management planning zone development by introducing a GIS tool in Kathmandu valley, Nepal

Water quality of a reservoir as affected by agriculture in the east of Thailand: a preliminary study

Water quality response to riparian restoration in an agricultural watershed in Vermont, USA

Water quality transformations during soil aquifer treatment at the Mesa Northwest Water Reclamation Plant, USA