Advanced Micro Instruments

You are viewing information about Advanced Micro Instruments, a provider of pH Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Manufacturer of trace and percent oxygen analyzers. Full specifications of company products online.

Summary: Oxygen Analyzers - Advanced Micro Instruments - Oxygen Analyzers, AMI manufactures high performance oxygen analyzers for percent and trace applications. We guarantee higher quality and exceptional service at a lower price.

Related Industries: oxygen analyzers, trace oxygen analyzers, Advanced Micro Instruments, gas analysis

Information: Advanced Micro Instruments Inc. guarantees superior quality oxygen analyzers and exceptional services at a lower price - in most cases 20-60% lower cost. AMI manufactures a complete line of both percent and trace (ppm) oxygen analyzers using innovative designs. We produce state-of-the-art, compact, yet rugged instruments that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our oxygen analyzers cover a measurement range of 0.05ppm through 100% oxygen in a gas stream and are available in portable and permanent mount versions.