You are viewing information about StellarnetUK, a provider of Spectroscopy Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Offers a range of UV and visible fiber optic spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrocolorimeters, fiber optic UV spectrometers.

Summary: Astranet Website - UK based developers and manufacturers of color colour measurement devices, including visible range and fibre optic spectrometers. Other test equipment includes spectrum analysers and radiometers.

Related Industries: color measurement, colour measurement devices, uk, spectrometers, visible range, fibre optic, spectrum analysers, nir, uv, high resolution, traceable liquid standards, spectrophotometers, radiometers, portable, test equipment, analytical instrumentation

Information: var fo=new FlashObject(Artwork/effect_Swipe.swf,flash1,750,200,6,#ffffff);fo.write(flash1);AstraNet Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier and manufacturer to the UK European and Worldwide spectroscopy market.We are a specialist supplier to the UV spectroscopy and radiometry market, manufacturing the AstraNet range of fibre optic spectrometers and representing Romack Inc range of immersion probes, patch cords and fibre optic accessories, Sciencetech of Canada, with their range of arc lamp sources and solar simulators, Headwall Photonics range of spectral modules.