Constellation Technology Corporation

You are viewing information about Constellation Technology Corporation, a provider of Spectroscopy Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Manufacturers of optical spectrographs, detector heads and fiber optic accessories.

Summary: Constellation Technology Corporation, products for nuclear, biological, and chemical detection and A2LA certified contract analytical services laboratory -

Related Industries: radiation detectors, radiation, X-ray Detector, Portable Detectors, Nuclear Detection, Chemical Detection, Biological Detection , Mercuric Iodide detectors, CZT detectors, Noble gas detectors, Zenon detectors High pressure xenon detectors, GC-MS, gas chromatograh mass spectrometer, Analytical laboratory, Chemical testing, Industrial testing, non destructive testing, A2LA

Information: Constellation Technology Constellation Technology Corporation is focused on providing advanced, state-of-the-art nuclear, chemical and biological solutions for our customers. Recent emphasis is on sensors and instrumentation for the detection, control, and monitoring of weapons of mass destruction. Constellation performs extensive government research and development for methods of detecting and identifying nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards. Through this research, Constellation has developed an extensive line of products applicable to both the government and industrial markets. Constellation operates a complete mercuric iodide material processing, growth, cutting, and detector fabrication facility. In addition to our manufacturing facility, we maintain laboratories for high pressure noble gas detector development, biological sensor development, and chemical sensor development. In addition, we operate a contract analytical services laboratory that simultaneously holds A2LA certifications in chemical, mechanical and non-destructive test and is ISO 17025 compliant.