INTEGRA Biosciences

You are viewing information about INTEGRA Biosciences, a provider of Pipettors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Pipettors, laboratory systems and materials to biological laboratories in industry, research and the universities.

Summary: INTEGRA Biosciences-Scale up your productivity with our reliable lab tools - INTEGRA Biosciences develops and manufactures high-quality laboratory instruments for liquid handling, sterilisation and cell culture in microbiology and cell biology.

Related Industries: sterilisation, liquid handling, agar nutrient media preparation, Mediaclave, Mediajet, pipettor, Pipetboy acu comfort, Bunsen burner, Fireboy, Flameboy, pumps, liquid waste biohazard aspiration, vacuum, Vacusafe comfort, Vacuboy, cell culture, cultivation, monoclonal antibody, protein expression, Celline, two-compartment bioreactor flask, roller bottle system Cellroll, spinner flask stirring system platform, Cellspin

Information: IBDL implements highly safe Vacuum System for working with Radioactive or Viral contaminated solutions… >more