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Description: Supplier of syringe pumps for benchtop and OEM applications.

Summary: Harvard Apparatus: Specialized Products for Bioresearch - Home - Harvard Apparatus is the first name in bioscience. Harvard syringe pumps are the standard for drug infusion and sample injection. We are also the world leader in volume controlled, pressure controlled and high-frequency ventilation.

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Information: Precision Syringe PumpsHarvard Apparatus is the global leader in syringe pumps, infusion pumps, RS232 controlled syringe pumps, high pressure syringe pumps and custom OEM syringe pumps and peristaltic pumps. Our pumps are used for mass spectroscopy, calibration, drug and nutritional infusions, microdialysis, dispensing, chromatography and LC/HPLC. Basically, you?ll find our pumps anywhere that the most accurate and reliable research pumps are needed. More syringe pump information is available at www.syringepumpdirect.com

URL: http://www.harvardapparatus.com/