RS Biotech

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Description: Manufacturers of CO2 incubators as well as laboratory research equipment for cell and tissue research.

Summary: RS Biotech - CO2 Incubators - RS Biotech, creators and manfuacturers of the Galaxy brand Incubators and Eclipse brand freezers for medical research

Related Industries: cell research , high temperature, cell culturing ,cell growth,cell culture,cooling system

Information: Welcome to the home of ?Galaxy? CO2 incubators and ?Eclipse? ultra-low temperature freezers - the most advanced, efficient, reliable, and value-for-money products of their type available.Since 1991, when RS Biotech designed the first of our novel and highly innovative CO2 incubator models, we have continued to devise and incorporate key design features in our products. We also offer you the possibility to select from the widest available range of optional features. Innovation and selection combine to achieve unparalleled levels of performance, repeatability and success in every field of cell research and tissue growth, at the same time allowing you to have ?customised? products at ?off-the-shelf? prices. From the day our first Galaxy CO2 incubator was created we have led the way for other incubator manufacturers to follow. Some CO2 incubators offered by other manufacturers incorporate similar features. However, look a little closer through the information provided here, and you will begin to understand why more and more scientists and medical professionals are choosing the Galaxy and Eclipse brands, and why our existing customers have remained so loyal to our products!We combine our market-leading products with unparalleled levels of sales, service and technical support - provided through our international network of highly-skilled and trained staff (both RS Biotech employees and employees of your local RS Biotech distributor), together with comprehensive on-line product support information. So?. when you invest in products featuring the ?Galaxy? and ?Eclipse? names you can be sure that you are investing in a unique and unbeatable blend of design excellence & product quality, high specification, and ease of use - combined with outstanding sales and service support.RS Biotech which is registered in Scotland (No SC257740) is part of New Brunswick Scientific.