Hacker Instruments and Industries Inc

You are viewing information about Hacker Instruments and Industries Inc, a provider of Medical Instruments Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Manufacturer and distributor of instrumentation for histopathology. Cryostats, tissue processors, laboratory microwaves, slide stainers, microtomes general histo-pathology lab supplies. .

Summary: Hacker Instruments & Industries, Inc - Providing the histology and pathology laboratory with a full line of instrumentation including laboratory microwave systems, tissue processors, cryostats, microtomes, embedding centers, automated coverslippers, slide stainers, embedding centers, fume control systems, microtomes knives, microtome knife sharpeners, paraffin dispensers, coverglass, and more.

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Information: Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc have served the laboratory community with high quality instrumentation since 1942. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools to increase production, improve quality, contain costs and enhance the laboratory environment.

URL: http://www.hackerinstruments.com/