Ofil Ltd

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Description: Manufactures daylight video corona detectors for HV lines inspections, solar blind UV filters and imagers. Detect UV radiation in full sunlight.

Summary: Ofil Systems - Solar Blind UV corona and arcing detection systems - Corona detection camera systems, Solar Blind UV filters, sensors, detectors, all light and weather conditions remote detection of corona, arcing, partial discharge & UV signals in transmission distribution substations motors, HV testing laboratory, maintenance of electrical power industry, remote sensing and detecting fire & invisible flames in oil, gas and petrochemical industry, homeland security and defense applications.

Related Industries: Corona camera, Solar blind, UV, Corona detection, daylight corona camera, bispectral imaging, partial discharge UV detector, uv inspection, uv detection, fire detection, predictive maintenance, electric utilities predictive maintenance, overhead line maintenance, power line maintenance

Information: Corona cameras and UV inspection solutions for electrical utilities is what Ofil Ltd develops and manufactured. Ofil's products are valuable to applications that need predictive maintenance activities. Over head transmission lines, over head distribution lines, substations, industries, mines that must avoid abrupt unexpected shutdown are using Ofil's corona imagers. Laboratories, research institutes, testing laboratories use Ofil's corona imagers for their QA and to study the partial discharge phenomena. Service providers use Ofil's range of products to provide quick and accurate reports. Constructors use Ofil's products during commissioning. Ofil's corona cameras are made with proprietary UV band pass technology that allows detecting of UV signals in full daylight, for the civil, homeland security and the defense market.

URL: http://www.ofil.co.il/