Logic Beach Incorporated

You are viewing information about Logic Beach Incorporated, a provider of Data Loggers and Recorders Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Portable data loggers, data logging and alarming systems for remote site, lab and portable data acquisition.

Summary: Data Loggers -Portable, Remote site, lab and Network connected data acquisition - Logic Beach, Inc - Manufacturer and distributor of data loggers. We design, manufacture and distribute portable and remote site data logging and alarming systems. Lower power, multi-channel dataloggers are our specialty, incorporating flexibility in I/O configuration and programming while maintaining simplicity.

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Information: Logic Beach, Inc specializes in design, manufacture and sales of portable, remote site, in-vehicle and lab data logging instruments. Low power, multi-channel data loggers are our specialty, incorporating flexibility in I/O configuration while maintaining simplicity in use.

URL: http://www.logicbeach.com/