So-Low Environmental Equipment

You are viewing information about So-Low Environmental Equipment, a provider of Cold Storage Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Manufacturers of ultra low temperature laboratory freezers and refrigerators.

Summary: Ultra Low Freezers,So-low Freezers to -85C, Freezers Ultra Low, Low Temperature Freezers - Manufacturers of ultra low freezers, freezers ultra low, low temperature freezers, incubators, chest freezers, upright freezers, deep freezers and small freezers as well as industrial freezers, undercounter freezers, ultra low temperature laboratory refrigerators, small ovens and sub zero cabinets.

Related Industries: incubators, cascade refrigeration systems, chest freezers, upright freezer, deep freezers, small freezer, industrial laboratory freezer, lab refrigerator, undercounter freezer, ultra low temperature freezer, small oven, sub zero cabinet, So Low Environmental

Information: "Setting Temperature Standards in Every Lab" 1°C Refrigerator -29°C Freezer -85°C Freezer 1°C Undercounter Refrigerator -20°C Freezer -45°C Freezer Incubator -85°C Freezer Oven _______ Always ready to answer questions about our products.